About Futako Tamagawa Rise


In collaboration with area Futako Tamagawa Rise
To make town full of vitality and charm.

With town management activity

We work on town management activity from March, 2011 to push forward town planning like Futakotamagawa full of vitality and charm in Futako Tamagawa Rise in collaboration with area. Town management activity is greatly distributed between two.
One is approach to maintain illegal bicycle parking measures, security relief, niceness of town including approach to crime prevention, disaster prevention commencing with environmental beautification and landscape management of open space.
The other is making of COMMUNITY by participation, cooperation to interchange activity and local action between the ni child Tamagawa rise people concerned and Blanding by disseminating information utilizing various events and media utilizing open space.
Through these, we aim at creation of bustle like Futako Tamagawa Rise and attractive improvement.

By town management activity, we place open space or vacant land in Futako Tamagawa Rise as "the whole management part" and, as Futako Tamagawa Rise meeting, perform integral management, administration. In addition, Tokyu is appointed as manager of this whole management part from Futako Tamagawa Rise kyoyuzurikai.

The promotion system of town management activity

Town management activity of Futako Tamagawa Rise is run by "Futako Tamagawa Rise meeting" organized by five management main constituents of block constituting Futako Tamagawa Rise. In "Futako Tamagawa Rise meeting", representative of each block participates in and devises town planning policy of Futako Tamagawa Rise and performs plan, administration of town management activity.

The organization system of Futako Tamagawa Rise town management

Conduct of event utilizing effective vacant land

In Futako Tamagawa Rise, Tokyu which is the whole manager is registered based on "the promotion regulations made with witty cityscape of Tokyo" as town planning group. In this way, we can utilize vacant land effective in events more effectively and realize bustle creation of town.

Main approach of town management activity

Utilization of various open space space

In open space of Futako Tamagawa Rise, season is felt and performs the making of space with bustle for security, relief.

Event administration and maintenance utilizing open space (the whole management part)

Fountain open space

Open space of rest that comfort is felt with anyone alone.

The center open space

Open space that becomes symbol of Futako Tamagawa Rise located at the center of town.


Open space that meets people as face of town, and provides people and contact with area.

Open space as place of bustle established facing the commercial facilities.

American dogwood open space

kashinoki open space

Birds Mall open space

Roof garden

Area that feels season and iku, and provides slow time consumption.

Vegetable garden open space

Open field open space

Blue sky deck

Pond of killifish

Approach to security, relief, niceness of town

Beautiful sight maintenance (plant management, cleaning)

Approach to illegal bicycle parking

The making of COMMUNITY

COMMUNITY formation event

Interchange event that the person concerned of Futako Tamagawa Rise participates in by oneself.

Futako Tamagawa Rise athletic meet

Participation in local action

Futako Tamagawa Rise participates in annual festival hosted by town assembly, too.

Seta Tamagawa Shrine annual festival


Holding of seeds Narui vent utilizing open space

Circus of the sun and starlit sky

Compound model event of GW to be able to enjoy workshop, Marchais, mini-live.

PREMIUM Beer Terrace

We offer specially made foods or limited drink in photogenic good-quality space.

Seasonal environmental direction

Seasonal environmental direction is set up by galleria.

Skating rink

Authentic ice skating link of surpassing 300 square meters in area.

We disseminate information and publicize

Evaluation to disseminating information and town planning by medium utilization

Town guide

WEB site

Digital signage

The second advanced town planning city competition Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize receiving a prize