About Futako Tamagawa Rise


In Futako Tamagawa Rise,
Multi-generation is spiritually rich while living together with nature
For new town planning to be able to live,
We perform various approaches in consideration for environment.

In the global environmental certification evaluation "LEED town planning section"
We acquire the world's first gold book certification.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is environmental performance evaluation index that association of American Green Building has jurisdiction over and is superior in energy efficiency and is intended that we spread sustainable buildings. There are three evaluation indexes in total, and "LEED town planning section" is evaluated with total value of each index.

We added Futako Tamagawa Rise to being originally endowed with environment full of nature near the Tama River and Kokubunji cliff line and received evaluation by the following approaches mainly.

  1. 1. Securing Denentoshi Line, Oimachi Line, good traffic access net with various buses
  2. 2. Forming comfortable walker space (ribbon street) by security, and being doing compact development at high density
  3. 3. Maintaining compound function city that lets you accumulate house with commerce, office, public facilities and many dwelling unit patterns, and gathers for the purpose of people of various generations being various
  4. 4. Acquiring the best rank AAA by "the JHEP certification" to evaluate biological diversity, and working on ecosystemic maintenance
  5. 5. Working on environmental consideration such as maintenance of resources or high efficiency of energy in infrastructure maintenance and the building
  6. 6. Acquiring the gold certification to become the domestic fourth case in "LEED NC" (new building section) in 2015 eight a year a year months in the Futako Tamagawa Rise tower office

We acquire the best rank (AAA) of the biological diversity "JHEP certification".

By the second business, we acquire AAA in the evaluation certification system by public interest incorporated foundation Japan ecosystem association as part aiming at town planning in accord with neighboring rich natural environments and maintain "water and green open space accessible to anyone" including the large-scale roof tree planting facility. We adopt design reflecting the image of river terrace and Todoroki Valley of the Tama River and install roof garden of about 6,000 square meters in the district in low-rise building ridge and provide space where rich nature is felt in the whole facility.

Roof garden

Open field open space

Scenery of the Tama River can further enjoy extensive lawn and the big sky, too.

Blue sky deck

It is deck open space that can look at dusk and fireworks of the Tama River against a backdrop of Mount Fuji.

Pond of killifish

It is biotope that can learn ecosystem of the Tama River where a variety of creatures live in.

Vegetable garden open space

We touch soil and can share pleasure to bring up and are vegetable garden which contributes to food education.

※The JHEP certification
JHEP added improvement so that Japan ecosystem association evaluated approaches such as companies based on technique to evaluate natural environments from the viewpoint of habitat (habitat of wildlife) developed in the 1980s by U.S. Department of the Interior quantitatively, environmental evaluation technique of the habitat evaluation certification (HEP: Habitat Evaluation Procedure) in Japan and built newly. We assay approach to contribute to maintenance and recovery of biological diversity objectively and evaluate and are intended that by performing the certification that we ranked, make effective approach widely available.

※This block tree planting construction receives the furtherance of Tokyo urban greening fund.

We win grand prix (the grand prix) in "the 25th global environment award"

Environment-conscious town planning such as the formation and ecosystem maintenance of compact compound function city in Futako Tamagawa Rise which made its grand opening in 2015, high efficiency of energy resources was evaluated generally and won the 25th global environment grand prix (the grand prix).

With global environment award
Company which gets special cooperation of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Japan and is established aiming at "symbiosis with industrial development and global environment", and contributes to environmental conservation, honoring system (1992 establishment) for group.