About Futako Tamagawa Rise


Landscape, building exterior design

The total development area of the Futako Tamagawa Rise is about 11.2ha. We are proud of scale largest in Tokyo as private redevelopment. In scenery to change from city to nature, we lay out commercial facilities and office, house in town reaching very large park of about 6.3ha from station. Therefore we asked for the design supervision of landscape, building exterior of this town in Conran & Partners (Conran & partners).

Quality of the life,
In hope of improving.

In Tokyo, nature of Futakotamagawa is very precious. This comfortable nature must bring big joy in living person and acting. Therefore we distributed heart in particular to the whole plan how you made use of nature. However, I think that the most important one is after town was completed. This is because there is the greatest significance of project in person living in this town, working person, quality of the life of gathering people improving. Being able to see state that many people live lively and enjoy work, shopping. That is the best for me; is a pleasure.

The September, 2004 design supervision
Than proposal material

Conran & partners managing director
Richard Doone (Richard Doune)

Concept "trip."
Design began by vision to make ideal figure of "town which brought up children who carried the future of Tokyo" namely future city at first on starting project. By regarding scenery and the life as trip to follow from the present to the future in that, concept called "JOURNEY = trip" was born. The plan ground of this project has long shape for about 1km at the same time. When it was the middle of a journey to reach from city to nature, we caught this distance from station to park and performed concrete design.
Trip to enjoy scenery to change from bustle of the station square to the residence area that passes through gorgeous commercial facilities, and is moistened in rich green. Trip around time when refreshing morning opening reaches quiet night after the daytime filled with vigor. And we expressed trip named the life in this town.

Promenade such as ribbon
We express trip.
We open the artificial ground in site in the image of plateau (plateau). Promenade such as ribbon follows as if closing scenery made by the top. Various buildings which stood in a row on the plateau imaged jewel tied with ribbon. "Ribbon" expresses trip to flow through the whole block and connects landscapes to gradually change in trip called nature from buildings and city that line of continues like necklace. Ribbon itself gradually turns the figure in the same way as trip advances. Scenery of nature reaches spreading park while tracing promenade such as ribbon commencing with trip from city station becoming symbol. We drew story of such a trip in this town.

Master plan with a variety of charm.
Town is greatly comprised in I block, II block, III block and very large Futakotamagawa park of about 6.3ha, and it is in attractive town with diversity. ⅠBlock becomes area that function of commerce and duties that information interchanges with various people accumulates around station. ⅡCentral area of redevelopment district that block is commercial, and becomes base of culture and information in addition to duties function. ⅢIn the block, it is in house area forming new COMMUNITY wrapped in rich natural environments such as adjacent parks. In addition, how you took in nature was important theme of master plan because Futakotamagawa had precious natural assets. We take in element of nature and design to become place appropriate for the starting point of trip even if it is I block where man-made building such as station is outstanding. We plan as we approach house area to gradually take in nature of neighborhood for making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden.

Please refer to "city area redevelopment association official homepage" for detailed information about town planning.

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