About Futako Tamagawa Rise


In 1982, new town planning has begun to change.

Water, green, light.
Development theme is coexistence with nature.

You must follow one of the best natural environments in Tokyo that Futakotamagawa has.
After that, we make town planning in accord with the rich natural environments.
At first, that was decided.

We entrusted the name with image that the sun climbed.

The sun which brings up rich nature,
It brightens days of gathering people and carries new good-quality living to this town.
It is the name that dreamed of such a thing.

Something which is new from here,
We want you to be born and raised.

We should bring dynamism of mind to person that feeling of freedom comes, working person, living people in this town.
Town which is used to feeling that is fresh, and was always vivid.
It draws a person's originality, and it is our request that new thing becomes created town.