Town map


Futako Tamagawa Rise
Shopping center

Shopping center consisting of 4 building, about 180 where increased "terrace market" newly. We develop shop to each person's lifestyle, and "my picture of the future" further spreads.

Facility introduction of Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center

List of shops

Floor map

Floor map of Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center

  • Information center

  • Elevator

  • Escalator

  • Stairs

  • Restroom

  • Multipurpose restroom

  • Multipurpose restroom
    (universal seat setting)

  • Kids' restroom

  • Babies' room

  • Smoking room

  • ATM

  • Parking

  • Bicycle parking lot

  • Digital signage

  • Cafe

  • Restaurant

  • Locker

  • Cold storage locker

  • Service

  • AED
    (automated external defibrillator)

Station market 1F
town front 1F
town front 2F
town front 3F
town front 4F
town front 5F
town front 6F
town front 7F
town front 8F
Riverfront 1F
Riverfront 2F
Riverfront 3F
Riverfront 4F
Riverfront 5F
Food building B1
Terrace market 1F
Terrace market 2F
Terrace market 3F
Terrace market 4F
Terrace market 5F