Town map


Futako Tamagawa Rise
Birds Mall

Store and house dealt in in this ground from the redevelopment past were reborn newly. Restaurant, product sales, the House of acupuncture needle moxibustion, music salon, real estate store are facilities which had a great variety of faces with them. In addition, we take Parking of people visiting town and function of bicycle parking lot.

Facility introduction of Futako Tamagawa Rise Birds Mall

List of shops

Floor map

Floor map of Futako Tamagawa Rise Birds Mall

  • Elevator

  • Escalator

  • Stairs

  • Restroom

  • Multipurpose restroom

  • Parking

  • Bicycle parking lot

  • Cafe

  • Restaurant

  • Slope for exclusive use of bicycle

  • AED
    (automated external defibrillator)