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Living and creamer

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Handmade market place "Creema" (creamer) largest in Japan selling work which more than 120,000 creators of the whole country produced by oneself.

"Living and creamer" shoot of one in story and the world to live in, and "they are the creamer's first lifestyle specialization type select shops that handmade works coloring days that centered on container and life miscellaneous goods, interior, foods in concept in time" line up.
You put works made carefully one by one by creator together in season and change category, theme and can enjoy new encounter even if you visit when.

●We are going to hold workshop by popular creator at any time!
You can enjoy by the making of her barium and the making of bookmarker & key ring of brass plate, replacement including portrait card order society. Of course we drop in between work return and shopping and can experience manufacturing casually for spot to go out to with family and friend.
※At the place can participate, but take first priority toward making a reservation.
For more details, please confirm HP (

Type of industry
Handmade interior, life miscellaneous goods
The handling product
Business hours
Regular holiday
New Year's Day
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
Available credit card
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos

town front 1F

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