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The House of dannoue ophthalmology Futakotamagawa

Station market 1F

To "healing eyes because we cure eyes"
We take in the latest machine becoming diagnostic criteria of glaucoma and aging macular degeneration at our hospital.
In addition, we take cooperation with senior Pope of Kawasaki-shi and hold operation of cataract and ptosis.
The staff (orthoptist) performing eye test of child and training of squint amblyopia technically is resident.
Please consult about anything about treatment of eyes.
In addition, we unusually give anti-aging treatment in ophthalmology.
We perform the handling of therapeutic drug "gurasshubisuta" and placenta therapeutic drug "MELS mon" growing eyelashes.
Do you not do anti-aging in ophthalmology in occasion of shopping?

※It needs reservations about examination of glaucoma, glasses prescription, the first contact lens prescription in principle. Please make a reservation over telephone.

Type of industry
Ophthalmology Clinic
The handling product
Examination for field of vision
Examination of the fundus
Eyeground three dimensions image analysis
Cataract, ptosis operation consultation
Contact lens, glasses various prescriptions
3 years old child examination
Squint, weak-eyed inspection
Eyelashes therapeutic drug (gurasshubisuta)
Placenta injection (MELS mon)
Business hours
The consultation hours:
10:00-13:00 (the end of the 12:30 acceptance)
14:30-19:00 (receptionist last at 18:30)
Regular holiday
On Tuesday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence

Station market 1F

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