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"Speciality Bedding Store" where SLEEP SELECT was specialized in mattress, bed frame, pillow, bed accessories. 
Other than Tempur(R) which is one of the best mattress brands in the world, the Sealy both brands handling, SLEEP SELECT brand unfolds and will suggest environment of comfortable sleep that accepted each one.

Type of industry
Furniture interior, bedclothing
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January 1
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
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town front 5F

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Shop news

2020/07/30 update

Of pillow do not present?

How is present of pillow to important person?
Can spend time with smile well…With feeling.
As when we were at a loss, we will help the staff together,
Please feel free to contact.

It is town front the fifth floor Sleep select!
Long passing of the rainy season is near at hand,
It is sticky to come over next and is sultry summer!

One which is recommended in summer not to be able to get very comfortable sleep
We went out of brand, tempyuru which were famous for low-elasticity pillow
It is "pad antibacterial plus with Neo ice breeze floor".

By putting contact feeling of cold material and the superior water absorption fast-dry subject matter together
It is feeling in bed that rustle to be chilly whenever we go over and do is comfortable!
As we made antibacterial deodorization processing in correspondence with room airing on batting,
It is available cleanly at any time.

This summer outstanding performance this product without mistake
It becomes special sale price for a limited time now!
In addition, you can use in conjunction with pad with floor
As you offer pad for pillow, please try at store.

We look forward to visit.