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Your every day
"It is convenient more smartly and is healthy"

Stationery which is indispensable to work
Cake which we want to put in the drawer in secret
Bags which are convenient for slight outing
From item which can spend on-time happily comfortably

Miscellaneous goods which want to rise in living
Home fabric
We heal you who were tired a little
To item which is indispensable to off time

Gift which we want to give that person who is always taken care of
As for the reward that we want to give to oneself doing the best a little.

Desk Mai-style colors your days.

Type of industry
Fashion goods, life miscellaneous goods, hobby
Handling product
merippa (merippa)
STEAM CREAM (steam cream)
osoto (osoto)
nesno (nesuno)
liilii (riirii) hand soap
tanei (quilting tote bag, shoulder bag)
Handkerchief of ivy stomach (ARCOLO) Masuda
Blooming Nakanishi (otta)
karazuviru (Imabari stole, gauze muffler)
Manno in (tote bag, pouch, handkerchief)
15.0% ice cream spoon
Mug cup
Cat tea
Float tea with lemon
Business hours
From 10:00 to 21:00
Regular holiday
January 1
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
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  • VISA
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town front 1F

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Shop news

2017/12/11 update

[CORKCICLE CANTEEN (kokushikurukyantin)] Both ... thermal insulation and cold storage are perfect ♪ It is stylish drink bottle that outing becomes more fun ♪ ...

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

Because "many people have my bottle alone, we want to reduce garbage of plastic bottle!"
Drink bottle "CORKCICLE CANTEEN" (kokushikurukyantin) from Florida that came out of thought for such a global environment.

It is at all convenience in what we carry to various places because the side is easy to fit hand, and we are made by flat♪
Design which is functional & Stai Risch superior in thermal insulation, cold storage is extreme popularity to gift.

It is during popular development at 270 ml of simple size, 2 size of 470 ml of a good capacity★☆

Price : 3,996 yen (tax-included)
Material : Body stainless steel / cover polypropylene / packing silicon rubber
Heat-resistant temperature : Cover 130 degrees Celsius / packing 210 degrees Celsius

Price : 3,024 yen (tax-included)
Material : Body stainless steel / cover polypropylene / packing silicon rubber
Heat-resistant temperature : Cover 130 degrees Celsius / packing 210 degrees Celsius

2017/12/10 update

[Maison Blanche (maison Blanche) Christmas wreath] Gorgeous, refined Christmas wreath reflecting the image of family of ... France ♪ ...

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

Gorgeous, refined Christmas wreath which heaped up Christmas feeling oguntto from extreme popularity brand "Maison Blanche" (maison Blanche) came up♪

Lease reflecting the image of French family produces in a certain warmth natural material.
We direct gorgeous Christmas easily while adapting itself to interior of room.

We just display without hanging on wall as it is with wooden box and are recommended to gift on Christmas★☆

※For natural fiber, a piece of a piece of KOLOR and shapes are different.

[lease star]
Price : 2,160 yen (tax-included)
Size : About H270 X W270 X D60(mm)

[lease L]
Price : 2,376 yen (tax-included)
Size : About φ 260* H80(mm)

[lease S]
Price : 1,728 yen (tax-included)
Size : About φ 160* H60(mm)

[lease SS]
Price : 1,296 yen (tax-included)
Size : About Φ 120* H40(mm)

[Joules (Jules) long socks]
Price : 2,160 yen (tax-included) ...
Size : 23-26cm

2017/12/10 update

[ayano fukumura (Ayano Fukumura)] One glass jewelry ... which stood in ... world

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

Glass jewelry "ayano fukumura" (Ayano Fukumura) which shines shiningly which seems to begin to totally spin melody.
One only glass jewelry is unmissable in the world by former pianist.

As gift hearty to important one. As reward to oneself….
Jewelry collection of a piece of thing which is different as for both KOLOR and the form one by one until Tuesday, December 26 is for a limited time★☆

Price : 3,024 yen (tax-included) ...
Item : Necklace, choker, pierced earrings, earrings, broach

※For a piece of thing, product may be different from image.

2017/12/10 update

[nesno (nesuno)] We hold skin care event on ... Monday, December 25 ♪ Very advantageous limited number of set "coffret Collection" is recommended ♪ ...

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

In this season when it is cold remarkably, something is more wrong with skin…What is there thing?

Skin care series of "nesno" (nesuno) made based on hot spring water is product made in Japan of relief, no fragrance, oil & alcohol Flea. It is very recommended in review of skin!

We hold special plan by the specialized staff, "skin check & skin care and mineral make experience meeting" on Monday, December 25♪
Does anyone not experience skin care of "nesno" (nesuno) by all means at this opportunity when you can try free?

Let alone bursting in participation of the day, we are accepting advance reservations. Please feel free to contact♪

●It is from 15:00 to 19:00 for from 11:00 to 14:00 on Monday, December 25 on the date and time
●Place Desk my Style sales floor (Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center town front 1F)
●Course ① skin diagnosis & skin care, mineral make experience: About 10-40 minutes ② skin diagnosis: Approximately five minutes
●Reference Desk my Style: 03-6411-7362 (directly) ※We wait for inquiry!

[Balance Ceram (lotion)] One piece of article
It is moistened rapidly from the inside so as to continue using. It is comfortable usability such as water lightly while being moistened.
Price : 2,211 yen (tax-included)
Inner capacity : 210 ml
Ingredient : Water, BG, glycerin, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, citric acid Na, Na chloride, citric acid, Ca chloride, meta silicic acid Na, K chloride, Mg chloride, Mg sulfate, hydrogen Na carbonate

[Balance veil (humidity retention gel)] One piece of article
Humidity retention gel which was particular about "humidity retention not to overdo" while preventing drying. Let alone face, you can use hand, elbow, heel for whole body.
Price : 2,932 yen (tax-included)
Inner capacity : 140 g
Ingredient : Water, glycerin, BG, pentylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, Cal bomber, hydroxylated Na, xanthan gum, Na chloride, citric acid Na, Ca chloride, citric acid, hyaluronic acid Na, meta silicic acid Na, K chloride, Mg chloride, Mg sulfate, hydrogen carbonic acid Na

[coffret Collection]
It is more advantageous more than 1,000 yen than usual ♪ It is limited number of special sets with cotton bag of Mickey design♪
Price : 4,104 yen (tax-included)
Set contents : 
・Balance Ceram (lotion) - Mickey Mouse design ...
 Inner capacity : 210 ml
・Balance veil (humidity retention gel) - Mickey Mouse design ...
 Inner capacity : 140 g
・Big Marchais bag - Mickey Mouse design ...
 Size : H43 X W45 X D15(cm)
 Material : Cotton

2017/12/10 update

[home maid special Sangria] Very simple ... ♪ Wine is makeover in special specifications ♪ ...

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

"Home maid Sangria" which we can enjoy deliciously just to pour commercial wine, and to cool with refrigerator♪

Winter season-limited package of 2 "citrus" which ginger worked for "apple" that cinnamon entered secret ingredient spicily taste appeared!

Homemade Sangria which we can simplify if we mix with carbonic acid and juice directs usual "house drink" in specifications in particular.

It is good to Christmas gift and homecoming souvenir of New Year holidays★☆

Price : 972 yen (tax-included)
Raw materials name : Sugar, dry apple, cinnamon, lemongrass
Inner capacity : 55 g

Price : 972 yen (tax-included)
Raw materials name : Sugar, skin, ginger, lemongrass of mandarin orange
Inner capacity : 53 g

2017/12/10 update

[15.0% ice cream spoon] There is no ... need to already wait for until we melt ♪ It is totally spoon of magic ♪ ...

Hello! It is Desk my Style!

Cold ... cold ice to be, and to eat in warm room in winter is delicious!
It is extreme popularity ice spoon which is good to Christmas gift, "15.0%" of introductions.

"15.0% ice cream spoon" is spoon of magic in circle that we used property of aluminum superior in heat conduction.
You dissolve ice only by dim heat of finger-tip smoothly straight and can eat hard ice of Kachi flathead wanting to eat immediately deliciously♪

It is extreme popularity to mo gift with case which is convenient for durability walk and storage★☆

[15.0% ice cream spoon (standard size)]
Price : 3,240 yen (tax-included)
Size : H14 X W105xD26(mm)
Weight : 40 g
Material : Aluminum (we mirror polish and finish)
Kind : No. 01 vanilla … Shape egg-shaped the tip. It is standard type.
     No. 02 chocolate … The tip is square-built. We fit the corner of the bottom of the cup.

[15.0% ice cream spoon (long size)]
Price : 3,240 yen (tax-included)
Size : H12 .5* W125xD21(mm)
Weight : 30 g
Material : Aluminum (we mirror polish and finish)
Kind : No. 07 vanilla parfait … It is standard type that is elegant in slim.
     No. 08 chocolate parfait … It is shape that was square-built in slim to fit the bottom of the cup.

[with 15.0% ice cream spoon case]
Price : 3,780 yen (tax-included)
Size : H14 X W105xD26(mm)
Weight : 60 g
Material : Spoon aluminum (we mirror polish and finish) / Case copolyester
Kind : No. 10 Rich vanilla … It is 15.0% ice cream spoon No. 1 vanilla and set of case.
     No. 11 Rich chocolate … It is 15.0% ice cream spoon No. 2 chocolate and set of case.