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Organic hair Salon byEQ

Oak Mall 1F

Tamagawa & Suite
EQUIP Suite was reborn newly.

We moved newly as "EQUIP Tamagawa & Suite", and salon name opened beauty treatment salon space to have you be beautiful from facial body as "Suite" "EQUIP Tamagawa" between the hair salon sky established together with Beauty Shop, too.

It is reduced to half and we put Semi Dry cut which did price down together in wide age group and provide the time required as before to have many people experience Dry cut.
We can obtain beautiful body, skin as well as hair in beauty treatment salon.
In Beauty Shop, we have product which was particular about beauty and health, anti-aging let alone hair care product.
As salon which can let you produce customer by total, we offer various services.

Type of industry
Hair salon
The handling product
Business hours
10:00-20:00 (menstruation gold soil)
11:00-21:00 Thursday
10:00-19:30 Sunday
Regular holiday
On Tuesday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence

Oak Mall 1F

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