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Fall studio Carat/; sleeve raburi

town front 8F

"Relove" photograph studio "studio Carat" and store specializing in long-sleeved kimonos is juxtaposition shop.
We total important memory of family to memory, the Seven-Five-Three Festival shooting, rental kimono on omiyamairi and birthday and produce. We display love redeha regular large number of long-sleeved kimono.
You can choose good-quality long-sleeved kimono for sense to choose clothes easily in nowadays. 
In latest clothes and hair make, good-quality space including studio set experience of impression.

Type of industry
Photograph studio
The handling product
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Regular holiday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
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  • rakuten;
  • TOP&
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town front 8F

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Shop news

Boy's Festival shooting campaign

It is recommended to the first Boy's Festival! We offer helmet decoration!

■Target age■
Boy until 13 years old

■Implementation period■
From April 3, 2020 to April 19

■Entrance fee■
Weekdays are 0 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays body price 1,500 yen (tax-included price 1,650 yen)

■Set contents■
Two clothes, dressing, hair set for shooting, purchase cut data

We offer combination plan to person wanting data more and person wanting album.
For more details, please see the store staff or the Boy's Festival.

Boy's Festival shooting campaign

Long-sleeved kimono shooting ★Campaign special in new school term!
Until April 24
Weekdays are Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, too
Base rate of normal 15,000 yen (tax-excluded)...
5,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Young lady who was made adult in 2020 when it had not been photographed yet.
We take the back and are in time!

Young lady who is made adult in 2021.
It is recommended with front knob rigao profit!

The photograph studio dakarakosono substantial facility and staff.

Studio and petty person who are high sense are particular about love reno vaunted hair make,

The experienced staff suggests coordinates to dressing!

★Advantageous 1
We can photograph for long-sleeved kimono second place +5,000 yen on weekdays!
※Store clothes, carry-on is possible together

★Advantageous 2
We present data according to purchase amount

You can make a reservation over WEB or telephone immediately.
Please feel free to contact!

town front 8F
Long-sleeved kimono sutajioraburi

WEB reservation

The Seven-Five-Three Festival shooting satisfactory very much by fashion with discerning studio set!

Seven-Five-Three Festival shooting campaign available from one piece of photograph

■Target age ■Until 8 years old
■Implementation period ■Until 4/19 2020
■Privilege contents ■Shooting charges are free anytime!
Clothes for shooting, hair make, dressing are free 0 yen!

Chance to be able to wear kimono at advantageous price in whole family!
We present original good-luck candy and rental kimono special treatment coupon for prayer now!

For more details, the store staff or
Please confirm campaign site!

Seven-Five-Three Festival shooting campaign

Advantageous pack that person who wants to leave the Seven-Five-Three Festival photograph by data must see it!
Until shooting of from Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Sunday, May 10!
Target age until 8 years old. So that making a reservation hastens!

<with one child for the Seven-Five-Three Festival kimono shooting A plan>
Set contents: Data 35 cut, dressing, hair make, the first place in Japanese dress
Weekday Body price 26,800 yen (tax-included price 29,480 yen)
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: Body price 29,800 yen (tax-included price 32,780 yen)

Besides, plan that daddy, dressing of mom were bundled is popular!
For more details, to official site or the store staff!

The Seven-Five-Three Festival data pack plan

Admission, graduation, elementary school entrance to school shooting campaign

■Target age ■Until 7 years old
■Implementation period ■Until from April 1, 2020 to May 17
■Entrance fee■
Cut is with 1 data; 3,000 yen (tax-included price 3,300 yen)

For more details, the store staff,
Or please see campaign page!

Admission, graduation, elementary school entrance to school shooting→

Junior high school entrance to school shooting→

Graduation hakama ★The new album release!

Gentle cover of bright green is characteristic album.

As new album release memory
Place of normal 75,000 yen
Including base rate
65,000 yen (tax-excluded)★

Besides, all shooting data are with!
So advantageous one only as for now★

Without passing over.

#Long-sleeved kimono raburi
#town front the eighth floor

As for ... coming-of-age ceremony, boy is leading role ..., too

Long-sleeved kimono studio love reni
Male for a limited number latest album "Plaisir" debuts.

It is black leather-like design album of chic impression.

●With data of 20 cuts 60,000 yen (tax-excluded)

●Round 75,000 yen two three mounts and with all shooting cut data for presents (tax-excluded)

It is man-limited advantageous plan both.

For more details, please refer to store.

Fall; sleeve raburi

WEB reservation is this

We can become oneself to want to become
Store specializing in rental, taking picture of long-sleeved kimono & graduation hakama

200 points of number of the costume fitters or more! !

Mom gives up both long-sleeved kimono rental and the purchase; as for the arrangement!
Long-sleeved kimono coordinates hair make all is particular and suggests the best total styling!

◆Held by campaign advantageous every month!

◆Long-sleeved kimono rental plan
As for the long-sleeved kimono! As for the obi! As for the accessory! 27 points of sets in total!
Long-sleeved kimono of newly made is body price 48,000 yen ...
Brand long-sleeved kimono is body price 168,000 yen ...

Of fashion "fatty re is modern"; lineup substantial as for "the dream kava"

◆The long-sleeved kimono purchase plan
Dressing and hair set of the day of the coming-of-age ceremony are free!
Hadajuban, tabi presents, too!

◆Throw over mom; plan
Important long-sleeved kimono of mother, grandmother is arranged by modern type!

Even visit is welcome! For more details, to the store staff!

Fall; sleeve raburi

Long-sleeved kimono love reno New brochure was done.

Luvri book -classic-
Luvri book -dreamy-
Two simultaneous release!
Contents which improved the volume larger than previous work are surpassing large substantial 70P!

To girl who is looking for long-sleeved kimono which is classical in the orthodox school.
It is luxurious one which a lot of gorgeous long-sleeved kimonos were published in mainly on long-sleeved kimono, fatty re modern long-sleeved kimono in royal road of the classic print.

To girl oriented to individuality group that wants to express quality of oneself.
Is pretty; and mainly on pop, Stai Risch, modern long-sleeved kimono
A lot of individual long-sleeved kimonos were published, is pretty! But, it is one book clogged up.

Let alone the latest long-sleeved kimono as for long-sleeved kimono hair arrangement feature, the latest long-sleeved kimono accessory catalogue,
It is large full long-sleeved kimono STYLE BOOK!

Please refer from store or homepage★

Long-sleeved kimono raburi
town front the eighth floor

Request for material is this