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It is furniture and miscellaneous goods of <Francfranc> that by doing various coordinates, further add to charm. We help the making of space to enjoy everyday life at nice price positively comfortably whenever we use.

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Interior, life miscellaneous goods
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town front 5F

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Shop news

Takeout Francfranc roux strike thermotumbler of drink which we had and vacuum dual structure that convenience store coffee is put in together with cup is quite popular!

Regular-sized/large size (depending on cup large size of hot) of ice just enters. (it varies according to cup size of each ※ convenience store.)

Some bottoms are saved by regular size, but cool effect is about the same.
When we drink drink at office and car, home, we can keep the long-time body, and desk may not become the submergence as we can prevent dew condensation!

Of course it is available even if we put drink directly.
Even gift is product which you can be pleased with.

We take as way by all means at store, and please see.
All the staff look forward to your coming.

With shopping bag charge, opportunities to carry my background increased!
Therefore we introduce about much-talked-about eco-background to be able to close down at a stretch now!

As for compact bag to be able to fold at a stretch, the name "shupatto!" !How to use is easy, and bag grows at a stretch if we pull both ends like photograph with "shupa" after having used as the normal eco-support. If tto rounds that round and round afterward, we receive and are completed! Figure which we gathered up is size to be very compact, and to fit into bag on hand completely.

In Futakotamagawa store, we offer small size of 56cm *28cm and large size of 38*50cm. Please try with "shupa" at store; * *. ・.

All the staff look forward to your coming.

2020/07/18 update

. ** 3WAY hammock * *.

3WAY hammocks which became independent of Francfranc original design were received!

It is jolted in longed-for hammock which feels wind while relaxing relaxedly and can enjoy time to drift wealthily.

By 3WAY type that can play an active part in both the room and outdoor, we can easily grant dream to be jolted in hammock in house.

As it is 3WAY type, it is deformable for the room airing that is stylish as hanger rack when we hang hanger Paul which is attached to chair which shakes kindly if we rearrange the stands in the stands!

He/she plays an active part to dry clothes after having made having a swim in a river outside or towel which we hand-washed.
Even everyday life is adopted casually in peace because he/she plays an active part in recreation well.

If we fold the stands with storing bag which is convenient for carrying around and can enter, we hang on shoulder like rucksack and can carry. It is very convenient for movement of place and use in outdoor.

As display at store, please try; * *
All the staff look forward to your coming.