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N. Natural beauty basic

town front 4F

Place where new BEAUTY BASIC for Japanese woman by Japanese woman is found. If want to adopt the latest trend casually quickly; here.

Type of industry
Ladies' fashion
Handling product
Business hours
From 10:00 to 21:00
Regular holiday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
Credit card available
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos

town front 4F

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Shop news

2017/11/16 update

Recommended ✨ shaggy no-collar coat, introduction of long Chesterfield coat✨

Hello ☺︎
It is N.natural beauty basic on town front the fourth floor♪

It became really cold, and wind became cold, too.
Even work introduces usable dressy coat to private today.

Shaggy no-collar coat
It is light, and comfort is comfortable with texture not to be stiff in warm triple time softly.
It becomes refined lengthwise silhouette in fly front♪
Shaggy cloth is dressed gorgeously and can use habitually for a long time✨

Plaid, 166-7252058 20,000+ yen tax one size

Plain fabric, 166-7252059 23,000+ yen tax size S, M

Chesterfield coat
Decent appearance is long coat which is good to adult woman.
We are mannish, and simplicity matches every scene✨
It is reliable design which is useful for invite, outing of holiday for commuting!

166-7252155 19,800+ yen tax
One size
KOLOR, black, gray, beige, pink

2017/11/06 update

The latest coat ✨ fur coat which is full of trendy feelings✨

Hello ☺︎
It is town front the fourth floor N.natural beauty basic!

We introduce the latest fur coat today✨

[fur coat]
Article number 166-7252205
KOLOR beige, brown, red
16,000+ yen tax

We only match fur coat with usual coordinates
Qualities of this year strongly increase♪

As it is color variation to perform adult vanity although being casual
We can enjoy casual style for dressy impression✨

Look by all means at store; ☺︎

2017/10/24 update

Introduction of SUPER100's beaver melton coat✨

☺︎ which is N.natural beauty basic on town front the fourth floor

We introduce SUPER100 ' S beaver melton coat today♪

No-collar and type 2 of basic Chesterfield coat that avoided waste are designs simple both.
It is recommended, and article is good for commuting and daily errand and is gathered up✨
KOLOR prepares four colors of dressy KOLOR each.

Light, comfortable woolen material serves as the durability and good quality moderately and is coat which is good to wearing of detailed ta days.
Please try by all means at store.

Chesterfield coat
166-7,252,052 19,800 yen
Size S, M
KOLOR black, gray, beige, brown

No-collar coat
166-7,252,055 19,800 yen
Size, S, M
KOLOR, gray, beige, brown, navy