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Thursday, March 14 OPEN!

"We are your almost every day, and positive style of theme will be reopened with new style" as ACE BAGS&LUGGAGE. Bag & luggage which we edited from various brands which "Ace" presents at wide cut end is prepared.

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town front 3F

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Shop news

2020/03/11 update

ace. X SOPH.

We kept everybody waiting!
It becomes the release start from Saturday, March 7!

The first collaboration by "SOPH." developing apparel brand suggesting arrival at refined functional daily life centering on design which is bag & luggage brand "ace." which regards all movement as trip, and provides the most suitable form with the trip as niceness and MINIMUM.

In this collaboration, we develop business rucksack which "ace." is good at jointly from the beginning. We finished flexible idea of "SOPH." in the most suitable form by experience that "ace." accumulated as bag manufacturer.

◎It is business rucksack of "previous durability" idea from the beginning to overturn conventional common sense

We obtain idea in previous durability-style to be started from the issue of manner by means of transportation and develop.
Point to be able to rely on of previous durability-style

・Consideration to others
・It is easy to take out baggage
・Smartphone operation is easy
・Theft risk reduction
・It is hard to protrude from umbrella

◎Ace X sofu 〝 Freon pack 〟 is different in here

・We are thoroughly specialized in previous durability-style
Design assuming having before. There is merit such as being hard to protrude from umbrella becoming the theft prevention that not only is easy for people in circumference, but also is easy to take baggage. Of course we can carry on our back.

・The smartphone tray deployment
Specifications that upper pocket functions as smartphone tray, and can appreciate videos in hands-free. It is attached heart preventing jumping out of slipper and smartphone of SOPH. with logo.
※Slipper function is simple. Please perform use of smartphone tray and operation of smartphone in state that stopped.

・Well thought-out pocket placement

We adopt slim form which step is easy to be seen even if we have and do in front, and, as for the outer pocket, access is possible from right and left. We deploy bottle holder for interior depending on storing and model of tablet terminal and store business tool in richness.

・WEST belt which raises fitting characteristics
It is attached with WEST belt preventing gap omission when we stooped down. When we carry on our back, we can use as chess belt.

・Collaboration-limited design
We garnished both sides with name tag of ace. and SOPH. in Scorpion logo in the front lower right.

Slim 19,000 yen + tax
Regular 21,000 yen + tax
Hold 22,000 yen + tax

Please see by all means at store!

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ACE BAGS&LUGGAGE Futakotamagawa store
2-21-1, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center
town front 3F
TEL: 03-6411-7401
FAX: 03-6411-7402

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