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town front 3F

Select shop which is prepared from design and functional superior stationery, interior miscellaneous goods to clock, bag. Item which is high sense that work and life become fun is good to present.

Type of industry
Stationery miscellaneous goods
Handling product
Business hours
From 10:00 to 21:00
Regular holiday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
Credit card available
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos

town front 3F

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Shop news

2017/11/10 update

★Under Christmas product development★

All of you today,
It is noie Futakotamagawa store.

Next is Christmas if we think that Halloween was over!

At store, development of Christmas product began!

As popup card has in particular in kind richness,
Please see by all means at store!

2017/11/08 update

It was received this year! moz room shoes

All of you today,
It is noie Futakotamagawa store!

"moz room shoes" popular every year
It was received this year☆

Gift item "moz" (shrike) of animal concept of Farg&Form (feruguandoforumu) company from Sweden.
Brand that characters of elk (moose) of figure which seems to be somehow awkward, and seems to be friendly are pretty.

As the inside fits foot in boa material like swelling and wraps up, it is warm at all.
Part of bottom has thickness and becomes hard to be tired even if we wear for a long time.

As washing in water is possible, it is available cleanly anytime.

Color is Bordeaux, navy, checkered gray, checkered navy.

Size M (23.0-24.5cm), L (25.0-26.5cm)  Unisex.

It is requisite item from now on as it is season when step cools off☆

How about at this opportunity?

We wait for visit of all of you☆

2017/10/21 update

Coin case of colorful "irubusetto"☆

All of you today,
It is noie Futakotamagawa store.

To all of you who are looking for coin case!

In our restaurant, color development is very beautiful

We develop coin case of Italian brand "irubusetto"!

The feature is that sewing loves leather, and luster increases so as to embezzle, and both color taste and taste change to deep thing.

At just right size to be delivered to way completely,
It is recommended item for both man and woman.

As this product has exclusive box,
It is recommended to gift!

2017/10/14 update

Under color variations-rich multipurpose pouch development!

All of you hello.
It is noie Futakotamagawa store!

Introducing today

It is NOIR "P" pouch!

Brightly-colored colorful leather which was chosen by NOIR ... popular color.
jiwa has flexibility not to be worried about by light, durable chrome tannage based on clothes leather in occasion, too. We tan, and, from difference in law, material does not have big change, but while we use, it is gradually shiny and is familiar with hand with moisture.

Size of pouch is three kinds of S M L.

 Small size gains key ring inward. It is size that is good as card case, coin purse.

 Medium size is size that is just right to hire bankbook and Passport and petty person. There are two pockets inward and is size that is just right to put card.

 Large size plays an active part as inner bag. We compile charge code and are convenient to put minimum money and mobile phone at the time of slight shopping, and to carry!

S \ 1,500/M \ 2,500/L 3,200 yen (tax-excluded price)

Please see by all means now at store as we have in KOLOR richness.
We wait for visit.