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Tokyu foods show

Food area B1F

"We eat", but "become more fun. Shops full of variety in concept in My Food Show gather in a hall. A lot of first shops open a store in department store, too. We are divided into four different zones of characteristic each and meet each person's meal scene and size, feelings.

Type of industry
The handling product
Business hours
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03-6805-7111 <representative>
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence

Food area B1F

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2020/03/18 update

Soup Stock Tokyo event

Have us

<Soup Stock Tokyo to eat in house>
It is meal travelogue zone until Sunday, April 12 for a limited time

This spring with teleworking or simultaneous closure of a school,
A lot of people had a meal at home come
We think of kato. Support of child and family
Soup Stock Tokyo being done if possible
We will tell as follows.

◎We offer meal to child who is younger than junior high student at half price
☆Meal is at half price

<customer who is younger than primary schoolchild>
I am sorry to trouble you, but please report at cash register

<customer who is older than junior high student>
Please show thing certifying age at cash register (student identification cards)

※Eat-in, both takeout are available.
※Frozen soup, miscellaneous goods are inapplicable.
※The point addition to formal application and reward card is inapplicable

Frozen soup set one law 10% OFF
<object product> ・ 6 soup set, 8 soup set, 10 soup set

☆Soup Stock Tokyo-limited to eat in house
・Spring soup set
☆Soup Stock Tokyo-limited to eat in house
・5 soup set with lunch bag

※Set and one piece of article product except the above are excluded
※We cannot change the contents ※Frozen soup
It becomes campaign only for the handling store
(some stores and online shop are excluded)

☆We present air conditioner bag by the purchase tax-included 3,000 yen or more

☆Is the purchase tax-included 5,000 yen or more; with air conditioner bag
We present one point of 180 g of freezing soup you like.