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Station market 1F

We suggest gift item inviting surprise and impression to design item and communication to stimulate imagination of ... oneself for feeling-related rich people valuing connection with people.

Type of industry
Life miscellaneous goods
The handling product
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Regular holiday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
Available credit card
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos

Station market 1F

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Shop news


Item that feelings of evolution for the details of fish were expressed.
While feel of a material of appearance is in rial ✨ sense of fun more as we finish by material, the painting same as lure to use in fishing, it is to product with utility!

🐟 key chain
\800+tax four kinds
🐟 pen
\950+tax six kinds
🐟 magneT
\500+tax four kinds
🐟 measure
\950+tax four kinds

The rainy season is over; and almost summer ☀️
We will cool style of hot day✨

PLASTIC CLEAR BAG\2500+tax (four-colored development)

Clear shopping bag of TPU material. It is characterized by clouchy unique feel of texture and feel.
As for the waterproofness that there is clear feeling as sewing loves◯
A feeling of slightly large size that beach towel or sandals enter.
We adopt the contents becoming completely exposed to view in coordination daringly and are recommendation as summer bag✨

(there is not publication of * photograph, but offers one size small size.)

Item introduction recommended in summer when we reduce baggage if possible and we are light and want to move!

●WP SACOCHE\3800+tax
(four colors)
● WP MINI ZC\2200+tax
(four colors)
No sewing series that was made by heat-processing using waterproof high material.

sakoshie can hold minimum thing including water bottle which is smartphone and wallet, mini and can go out in lightness✨
Going out on commuting and the weekend is all-around item playing an active part with one ✨ this where card case is type sprinkled by neck, and bank card or commuter pass are put in.