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Tokyu house and CONCEIRGE of living

Station market 1F

It is relief, convenience, house of assent and CONCEIRGE service of living.

We suggest choice of various houses while professional arranging requirements, request about house with you from technical information of building and real estate to information of local coherence, and comparing merit demerit.

From real estate (new construction, used goods) to building (reform, order house), money (tax, lawn), living (discarded things disposal, housework representation), we can accept all consultation about house in one place.

We collect various company information every day and introduce even several depending on request and support your decision making from neutral situation.

As it is available as contact window with the companies, we can omit trouble of adjustment and are convenient and, also, are reliable as we attend to make arrangements.

"You should continue leasing, or should we purchase as it is?"

As "you should remodel, should we rebuild?"

Person of trouble, please feel free to contact about house. In addition, we can cope without keeping waiting when we can have making a reservation beforehand on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Prearranged telephone call connection number 03-3707-1109

Type of industry
Real estate, building
The handling product
Free consultation, free introduction service about building and real estate
Business hours
Regular holiday
Every Tuesday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence

Station market 1F

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