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Station market 1F

Indigo plant and clothes of indigo have been loved for a long time by people.
And still in eternity.
"We have people of the world wear comfortable clothes with pleasure"
Therefore we continue making clothes today.

Type of industry
Ladies' & men fashion
Handling product
Business hours
From 10:00 to 21:00
Regular holiday
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket correspondence
Available credit card
  • rakuten;
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • AMEX
  • DC
  • Diners Club international
  • JCB
  • UC
  • UFJ
  • TOP&
  • Nicos

Station market 1F

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Shop news

2018/01/18 update

Nylon series

height 158cm
Nylon liner 908BLOUSON body price 58,000 yen + tax (size1)
W cross stretch horse ratio woman body price 35,000 yen + tax (size2)
Tube yarn BERET body price 20,000 yen + tax

height 150cm
Nylon liner 908VEST body price 38,000 yen + tax (size2)
Indigo super gauze print SKIRT body price 42,000 yen + tax (size2)

height 175cm
Nylon liner 908VEST body price 38,000 yen + tax (size4)
okkusukurerikkuchibi collar SHIRT body price 32,000 yen + tax (size2) which is button-downed
White denim sailor PANTS body price 39,000 yen + tax (30inch)

height 175cm
Nylon liner 908BLOUSON body price 58,000 yen + tax (size3)
Knit flannel VEST body price 33,000 yen + tax (size4)
It is fleece pile sweat shirt PANTS body price 26,000 yen + tax (size4) in the sky


From Thursday, January 18 to Sunday, January 21 TOKYU point W point.
When, during period, you use TOKYU CARD (credit),
Point rate of 3% of use amounts of money is advantageous at all, and it can usually do shopping with 6% of double.
After person who does not have TOKYU CARD enrolls immediately at issuance counter,
W point is applied by shopping using credit on the day.
※The outside that is targeted for payment with cash

In addition, Tuesday, January 23 "123 days"
With feeling of everyday thanks
We entertain all of you.
We offer souvenir of mini-brush on first-come-first-served basis in one that you purchased.

We look forward to your coming.

Futako Tamagawa Rise shop
Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00
Tel. 03-3709-9945