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Citron comes; zzu

Plaza Mall 2F

Let's stimulate head and body through play! The cause of cooperation of specialist, playground equipment, toy which repeated sorting carefully are full in shop. We aim at training facility for such children supporting the development of mind and body of child from medical aspect.

Citron comes, and zzu loans every space to person who made a reservation beforehand.
We have many people use habitually as kids' room which is available by reservations.
(citron comes, and, as for the details, please see zzuhomupeji.)
English class is performed every week, too.
Grand Deal English infant classroom/primary schoolchild global English education
There is class every week on month, water, Friday and monthly Sunday, too.
As for the details, please see Grand Deal homepage.

Type of industry
Cognitive education space
The handling product
Cognitive education toy, cognitive education playground equipment, training, kids' space, picture book
The handling brand: Brother, Jordan et al.
Brand name: Child brain function balancer, picture book, others which pikke makes
Business hours
Citron comes; rental of zzu time weekdays 10:00-17:00
(on Sundays and holidays, we become absent. In addition, we do not do rental to general people on Saturday.)
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Plaza Mall 2F

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