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Date from 14 to 15 on May in 2016

Futako Tamagawa Rise bonfire noh

For Saturday, May 14, 2016, two days of 15th Sunday,
In open field open space at roof garden 5F "bonfire noh" (takiginou)
We hold (Noh performing bonfire as light in noh stage established in the outdoors).

In atmosphere that oasis that children always run about, and relaxes leisurely is fantastic.
As it was the evening under the influence of wind, it became chilly,
We were combined with fluctuation of neighboring trees and bonfires and were drawn into the world that was mysterious and profound.

In iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futako Tamagawa Rise of 2F,
We relay performance in open field open space and hold public viewing.

It became event only in open field open space different from galleria and the center open space again.

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