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Date from 11 to 12 on June in 2016

Forever Dancing

-And town begins to dance.

We hold "Forever Dancing" (four ever dancing) becoming the Futako Tamagawa Rise original performance event third in 4 performances in total for two days of Sunday on Saturday, June 11, 2016, 12th.

Dance performance that is developed to music hearing at each site in rise by radio program of live broadcasting.
Popular song feeling nostalgic for what flows in sequence from Michael Jackson, musical piece that, moreover, is colorful to coal mine shaft knob. It says happy dance tune to anything to be common.

The curtain rises by performance by seven casts in the center open space. We take spectators and move via ribbon street - grand staircase. Join other casts to wait for in galleria, and venue reaches by dance performance of the best part by 50 people in all at the climax, is standing ovation from the audience at the finale.

It was two days when the whole Futako Tamagawa Rise became outdoor theater.

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  • Date November 3, 2017 Friday (holiday) ① 10:00-11:00 ② 11:30-12:30 ③ 14:00-15:00

    Vegetable garden experience (sweet potato crop event)
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    Vegetable garden experience (sweet potato plantation event)
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