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Date from March 16, 2016 to May 8

SPRING * SURPRISE (spring * surprise)

Period of from Wednesday, March 16, 2016 to Sunday, May 8,
The whole Futako Tamagawa Rise became full of flowers.

When we go to rise from Futako-Tamagawa Station,
Flower extending to wall surface is met at the right by pillar.
Big petal rustles in wind in galleria.
In addition, people relaxing at bench of flower are founded.

When we pass through galleria and go ahead through ribbon street earlier,
It is huge canvas that wall surface of the front was filled with flowers.
Birds seem to talk with flower when we see well.

People who visited town feel spring breath and can feel bright,
It was spring decoration with all such thought.

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  • Date November 3, 2017 Friday (holiday) ① 10:00-11:00 ② 11:30-12:30 ③ 14:00-15:00

    Vegetable garden experience (sweet potato crop event)
    It is food education event to have by harvesting sweet potatoes which planted seedling by oneself in May, child of Futakotamagawa know "the touch of one or soil that there is sweet potato how".
  • Date Sunday, May 21, 2017 ① 10:00-10:30 ② 11:00-11:30 ③ 13:00-13:30

    Vegetable garden experience (sweet potato plantation event)
    The first vegetable garden experience event of this year. We carried out sweet potato plantation event secondary to last year. By harvesting sweet potatoes which grew from seedling which we planted in autumn, how does this event have sweet potato?…
  • Date Saturday, October 1, 2016, 2nd Sunday

    PUSH-UP SPORTS - bicycle motocross …
    Is this event that is past, and trampoline and gymnastics, Karate or sports climbing sent charm of various competitions to from here Futakotamagawa as "Futakotamagawa PUSH-UP NEW AGE" until now, but just…
  • Date from Saturday, September 3, 2016 to 4th Sunday

    Long-armed ape slack line Japan open championship…
    In Futako Tamagawa Rise, meeting "long-armed ape slack line Japan opening championship 2016" to decide Nihonichi of held slack line is held this year every year, the cause slack line riders of many customers …

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