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  • 2019/01/22 update

    It is 20%off by bulk buying more!
    Hello ♪ It is town front 4F une nana cool. It is une nana cool now, ◎ during 2BUY3BUY campaign conduct It is se by two points of purchase…
  • 2019/01/22 update

    To 1/27, it is 2BUY10%OFF, 3B…
    Hello ☺︎ It is N.Natural Beauty Basic on town front the fourth floor. To 1/27, it is 10%OFF, three points by purchase of two points of sale products more…
  • 2019/01/21 update

    Bargain for a limited time
    January-only bargain product In B-COMPANY, we offer bargain product by limitation in January. It is shi at desk, chair, rack of small-sized size, low table…
  • 2019/01/21 update

    Her vest textile design X gura…
    In town front the fourth floor graniph Futako Tamagawa Rise shop, it releases her vest textile design X graniph collaboration item! …

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