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  • 2018/03/23 update

    Coffee Point double!
    Coffee Point 2 doubles today on ~25 day on 23rd! Coffee Point is usually 1 point for 100 yen. Trade with advantageous gift ticket when you save 100 points…
  • 2018/03/23 update

    Fragrance appearance
    Folli Follie fragrance is inspiration out of "bright Greek tradition, celebration of life, joy of a sense of fulfilment". Flavor of three that was imaged, and were born "Floral" (fu…
  • 2018/03/23 update

    News of closed-door business
    We appreciate your coming to the store every time. As reserved business is Saturday, April 7 until from 13:00 to 18:00, we inform. To customer that visit was planned at all…
  • 2018/03/23 update

    The latest recommended coordinates
    Hello! It is town front the third floor NOMBRE IMPAIR. We introduce skirt giving feeling to in spring that it is colored Futako Tamagawa Rise shop-limited today. Big floral design…

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