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  • 2017/10/23 update

    Hello! New KOLOR is available in Jalapa rag of extreme popularity! [JARAPA RUG] Running out of of string of the samisen and cloth various in Murcia district of Spain, factory of Lorca city…
  • 2017/10/23 update

    It keeps judgment of "KOLOR in the fall and winter"♪
    Hello. It is Kaneko optical shop. By the way, we introduce as it is light, and Oval type which is rarer than Kaneko glasses vintage series that it is easy to hang debuted this time!…
  • 2017/10/23 update

    << ANGLOBAL SHOP >> of the latest skirt…
    Hello! It is town front 2F ANGLOBAL SHOP. As the latest skirts were received, we introduce. Please come to store to see! Of all of you…
  • 2017/10/21 update

    The part of one piece of 2! Fake mouton coat!
    All of you hello! It is town front the third floor share park. It was reopened and became easy to look at the shop very much. And we introduce today…

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